Elements at Coffs Harbour

Elements Residential Development Trust

A 221 lot residential land subdivision in nine stages over 48 months together with extension of roads and services as well as dedication of environmental protection areas as part of a network of public open space.

The Property is situated on the southern side of Stadium Drive and the eastern alignment of the Pacific Highway, Coffs Harbour.

We have a wealth of information available on this project, please click through the tabs below where you'll find the PDS Part 1 and PDS Part 2 with the Application Form, an Investment Overview, the Valuation Report prepared by Preston, Rowe & Paterson, and the BIS Shrapnel Regional Australia Building Forecasts report.

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Located approximately 5 Kms from the Coffs Harbour Central District and 1 Km from the Southern Cross University and Coffs Harbour TAFE campuses, "Elements" at Coffs Harbour is perfectly situated to take advantage of the growing demand for land in the thriving township of Coffs Harbour.

Coffs Harbour is located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, approximately 530 kilometers north of Syndey. The area comprises the major urban cenre of Coffs Harbour, townships of Sawtell, Toormina, and Woolgoolga, with many small villages and localities along the coast and inland. It is a popular tourist and retiremnet destination. The city is supported by a large commercial and light industrial sector including an all-weather harbour and marina.

Michael Matusik - Property Rationale for Elements at Coffs Harbour

Interview with Jenny Bonfield - Real Estate Agent and Ex Mayor of Coffs Harbour

Interview with Robert Yandell - Development Manager For Elements - Coffs Harbour

The following information is offered as a guide.
If you wish to participate in this Offer you should read the Product Disclosure Statement, comprising Part 1 and Part 2, in its entirety.

Who Can Invest? The Offer is open to Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) and custodian trusts which satisfy the limited recourse borrowing arrangements for self-managed superannuation funds.
Objective of the Fund Is to purchase the property located at Lots 221 and 12, Stadium Drive, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 from the Administrator and undertake a land subdivision development comprising 222 allotments in nine stages.
Capital Raise $5,900,000
Valuation of Property The property has been secured for investors under an option agreement for $4,000,000 (excluding GST). The Valuer, Preston Rowe Partners has assessed the market value of the Property at $5,600,000 (excluding GST) on an ‘as is’ basis (and assuming development approval) and $40,872,000 (excluding GST) on an ’as if complete’ basis.
Minimum application amount $10,000 per investor. Application amounts in excess of this amount must be in increments of $10,000
Targeted Internal rate of return (IRR) 18%
Investment Timeframe 48 months
Targeted commencement of partial return of investor capital due to sales Est. February 2015
Project Leverage Less than 35% based on total assets.
Responsible Entity /Issuer SMSF Invest Limited AFSL 422902
Promoter SMSF Partners Pty Ltd AFSL 345905
Auditor MSI Taylor
Custodian Australian Executor Trustees
Offer Documents
pdf      PDS Part 1 - SMSF Property Development Fund View / Download *
pdf      PDS Part 2 - Elements Coffs Harbour including Application Form View / Download *
pdf      Application Form - Elements Residential Development Trust View / Download *
pdf      SMSF Invest Predatory to Elements "Switch" Authority View / Download *
Supplementary Documents
pdf      Investment Overview View / Download *
pdf      BIS Shrapnel - Regional Australia Building Forecasts View / Download *
pdf       Valuation Report - Elements - Preston Rowe Paterson View / Download *
pdf      SMSF Partners Financial Services Guide View / Download *
pdf      Michael Matusik's Property Rationale Report on the Elements Residential Development View / Download *
pdf       Valuation Report - Elements post Development Application Approval - Preston Rowe Paterson View / Download *
pdf       Valuation Report Update DEC 2014 - Elements - Preston Rowe Paterson View / Download *


* By downloading these documents you agree that this information is of a general nature only and has not taken into account your particular circumstances. You should consider whether the strategies and investments are suitable for you or seek personal advice from licensed financial planner before making an investment decision.
Unless specifically stated, the repayment of capital or the forecast performance of this investment is not guaranteed. You can obtain a printed copy of the Part 1 and Part 2 Product Disclosure Statements from SMSF Partners Pty Ltd (AFSL 345 905) for this product.

Offers for interests in SMSFPF may only be made by completing the application form after reading the product disclosure statement (PDS) Part 1 and Part 2 issued 01 July 2013. Printed copies are available upon request by calling SMSF Partners Pty Ltd on 1300 73 72 74.

SMSF Invest Limited (ACN 156 533 041) (SMSFI) holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) #422902.
SMSFI has registered the SMSF Property Development Fund (SMSFPF) ARSN #160 014 488 with ASIC.
SMSFI is the issuer of interests in SMSFPF.
SMSF Partners Pty Ltd (ABN 28 140 520 225) holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) # 345905 and is the promoter of interests issued in SMSFPF.